Synthetic oil Discount for fleets

Amsoil Commercial Fleet account

Amsoil commercial fleet account realizes the importance of lubrication in commercial fleets. We understand the need for your company to receive volume discounts and savings to meet the bottom line. Large or small, your commercial fleet is of the utmost importance to you, as well as the need to keep all your equipment out in the field, on the road and in operation. Your equipment isn’t making money for you when it’s in the shop. Amsoil Synthetic Oils last far longer than conventional lubricants. This in turn cost less money and time to maintain, reduced wear and tear for far longer equipment life AND, saving your company MONEY!.

No Fleet is to large or small to have an Amsoil commercial fleet account. Registered legal companies with 1 truck or over 100 can get set up with an Amsoil commercial account. There is NO charge to do this, NO minimum or maximum orders and NO obligations what so ever to meet. 1 quart to large 275 gallon totes, you will still receive wholesale prices on anything we have for your companies lubrication needs.

Extended drain interval properties of AMSOIL lubricants saves hundreds of thousands of dollars for an average fleet. When vehicles are equipped with our optional by-pass filtration system, fleets can indefinitely extend drain intervals based on oil analysis.

Construction and heavy duty off road
School bus fleets
Over the road trucking rigs
Over the road trucking rigs
refuse haulers and recycle trucks
refuse haulers and recycle trucks
Municipalities and stae work trucks
Municipalities and state work trucks
Bobcats and skid steer oil
Bobcats and skid steers
Plowing and maintenance vehicles
Plowing and maintenance vehicles

Who can Apply for an Amsoil commercial fleet account?

• Trucking Companies
• Taxi Fleets
• Golf Courses
• Farms
• Construction Companies
• Manufacturing
• Municipalities
• Government Agencies

<< Confidential price list code sent to you via email !!

More information as well as the simple application can be found here

Amsoil commercial account app
Amsoil commercial account registration

Amsoil Commercial accounts buy wholesale. We have various products for your whole fleet!

U.S. Commercial Freight Discount Schedule

AMSOIL INC. offers freight bill discounts based on the order total, provided that the order is shipped to one destination.

This discount is calculated on the total of the order before taxes, discounts or any miscellaneous charges are applied.

• One half freight is paid if the order totals

$4,500.00 to $8,999.99

• Full freight is paid if the order totals

$9,000.00 or more

U.S. AMSOIL Commercial Account Purchase Discounts

Commercial accounts are eligible for a purchase discount on product orders.The discount is based on the total gross

purchases (cumulative) during the previous 12 months plus the current order being placed.

Purchase Discount Schedule

Total Account Cost of Order Deduct This Amount

$1,500.00 to $4,499.99 = 2% additional discount

$4,500.00 to $7,499.99 = 4% additional discount

$7,500.00 to $10,499.99 = 6% additional discount

$10,500.00 to $15,499.99 = 8% additional discount

$15,500.00 or more, additional 10% off discount
Does Your Business Qualify? Registered business in the USA or Canada

If so let’s get started! application is below
• The account set-up is totally free!
• There are no minimum order requirements!

Click the ‘register’ button. Fill out the form and we will process your application within 2 business days.

Amsoil commercial account app
Amsoil commercial account registration

NOTE : If your business doesn’t qualify, the dealership option will work for you. You will receive the same wholesale prices as an Amsoil dealer would get. Amsoil Online dealership application information CLICK HERE

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